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Brief intro-__-珠海健坤精机有限公司 company culture-__-珠海健坤精机有限公司 Honor-__-珠海健坤精机有限公司 Family album-__-珠海健坤精机有限公司 HUMI careers-__-珠海健坤精机有限公司 Application industry-__-珠海健坤精机有限公司 Contact Us-__-珠海健坤精机有限公司 Four Specific Difference-__-珠海健坤精机有限公司


Compressor producing line Peripheral devices for motor Hi-efficiency motor line
Under construction Rotor heating ass. machine Rotor cooling machine Rotor magnetizing machine Barrel heating ass. machine Assembling the rotor & stator Taper sealing tube pressing machine 3 spots welding machine Gap gauge pull out machine Height gap measuring machine for rotor & stator Upper cover press-in machine Bottom cover press-in machine Bottom cover feeding machine Shunt transfer machine of the main conveyor Upper cover welding machine Reversal machine Bottom cover welding machine Mounting plate welding machine Reversal shunt transfer machine Counterweight riveting machine Riveting & leakage checking machine Upper cover engraving machine Deburring machine Protecting plug pressing machine Protecting plug pull out machine Assembling conveyor Finished product testing line Pump assembling line Compressor cylinder connecting line compressor crankshaft connecting line Feeding/receiving/connection equipment Discharging & conveying mechanism Reversal & shunt transferring mechanism Pressing & measuring height mechanism Automatically height measuring mechanism of S Gauging mechanism of S groove NG product moving out mechanism Finished product receiving mechanism Recycle & automatically feeding mechanism of casting cake Automatically feeding mechanism of aluminium ingots Receiving platform mechanism which could turn & slide by servo Inject spot pressing mechanism Automatically brushing machine Receiving mechanism Bend riveting machine Discharging belt conveyor Lifting mechanism of S. discharging S. slices arranging mechanism R. lifting shunt mechanism R. slices turn arranging mechanism Collecting pallets shunt trasfer machine Slice stack hydraulic pressing mechanism Slice stack weighting mechanism Pre-heating oven mechanism (rotating board) Recycle & automatically feeding mechanism of casting cake Automatically feeding mechanism of aluminium ingots Shaft shift hydraulic mechanism V-stick riveting machine Lifting & shunting feed mechanism by vacuum sucker Feeding/receiving turn table mechanism
Compressor producing line-__-珠海健坤精机有限公司 Peripheral devices for motor-__-珠海健坤精机有限公司 Hi-efficiency motor line-__-珠海健坤精机有限公司


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Company News-__-珠海健坤精机有限公司 Industry News-__-珠海健坤精机有限公司 Technical-__-珠海健坤精机有限公司

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